In the last few years Zion's name has begun rolling off tongues like a semi on an I-40 on-ramp. In the next paragraph, we will use filler words to create an "about section" that will most likely go unread. Words like "synergy" and "meta-narative" will be used abuntantly to create the idea and illusion of professionalism and intellectualism. 

The meta-narrative behind Zion's work can be found in just about all his endeavors. His music is an amalgamation of industrial rat poison combined with hints of oak and seasoned barley. This year alone he's caused a stir in some of the world's most credible DJ's, attaching synergy to an otherwise sparse landscape of sound.

Sometimes you'll find Zion spending unfathomable amounts of time trying to understand how to change font color to something easier to read. But in his off hours he prefers to play Lego's with his little brother.