I hate it when I’m singing along to a song and the artist suddenly gets the words wrong.
- Mother Theresa

Our voices are our symphony.

Creating good music is the heart and soul of all my efforts. My client is never money, fame, status, or employment. My client is my listeners. How does music make them feel? How does it move their hearts, change their thinking, and create a world in their minds? These questions I try my best to concentrate on. Because the world doesn't need more sound and noise. The world needs good music. Patterns of note intervals, melodies and counterpoint, grooves and rhythm beds that inspire. Like any great art, it takes deep insight, intuition, creativity, and honed skill sets to grab listeners attention. This generation embraces authenticity like never before. Faking talent and manipulating emotion no longer cuts it. The art that takes flight and breathes life always involves the heart. The world is ready for us.